Do's & Don’ts of Divorce


Divorce can be a complicated experience, but what often leads to mistakes is the emotional aspect of it, which can get the best of almost anyone, driving them to make costly errors. It is only natural to want to react to this situation with your emotions, but it is important to fully consider your decisions before acting on them to ensure they do not negatively impact your future for years to come.

To help you through this process, we have compiled a list of do’s and don’ts for you to keep in mind as you move forward:

  • Do: If you want to reach a resolution sooner rather than later, it is important that you be as reasonable and cooperative as possible. Your spouse will be more inclined to work with you on an agreement if you are willing to compromise.
  • Do: Divorce might be hard for you, but it is even more difficult for your children to cope with, so provide your support during this time and never make them feel as though they have to choose sides.
  • Do: While you are still in the process of working out your permanent child custody arrangements, it is important that you let your spouse know when and where you plan on spending time with the children. Otherwise, he or she might think you made a run for it and could contact the police to track you down, which will harm your chances of obtaining child custody.
  • Do: Always ask your attorney questions if something does not make sense or if the situation is unclear. He or she is working for you, so make sure you understand every aspect of the divorce process.
  • Don’t: Never lose your cool. Divorce can become frustrating, but losing your cool is only going to make matters worse, so do yourself a favor, stay calm, and do not lash out at your ex-spouse or your children.
  • Don’t: Give away your property to friends or family and arrange to retrieve it later. This is deceptive behavior and your spouse can take you back to court for it.
  • Don’t: Divorce is not an easy thing to field on your own, so hire a skilled divorce attorney to ensure your interests are protected.

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