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Protecting You & Your Children from Harm

Are you in fear of your spouse, your ex, or another party with whom you share a household? If you are feeling unsafe, you may need to seek a protective order with the help of an attorney. We can help investigate your case and help keep the abusive individual away from you and your children.

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What Is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence involves any type of violent or abusive behavior. It is an unfortunately common occurrence in romantic relationships. In addition to romantic relationships, it can also occur between family members, parents and children, and roommates.

Domestic violence, however, doesn’t have to be physical. It can also involve:

  • Any type of intimidation
  • Threats
  • Controlling and emotionally abusive behavior that puts you in fear for your safety

Depending on the nature of the incidents, domestic violence can affect your divorce case or your child custody case.

Domestic violence is an umbrella term that covers the following types of crimes:

  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Sexual assault
  • Harassment
  • Stalking
  • False imprisonment
  • Emotional/verbal abuse
  • Child abuse/endangerment

In any of the above cases, it is important to assert your rights and protect your safety. By working with an attorney from our firm, we can take the time to get to know your situation and find a legal solution that protects you and your family. If you are facing an emergency situation, call 911 to get immediate help, then call our firm when you are safe.

What Can a Domestic Violence Protective Order Do?

The purpose of a domestic violence protective order is to prohibit the violent party from contacting you or coming in proximity with you or your child. This may include visiting your home, work, and any other place you frequent. In most cases, a protective order includes any form of communication, so the perpetrator is also required to cease any electronic or phone communication. In some cases, a protective order of this nature can award you temporary child custody or limit child visitation.

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