Camille Borg Honored as Legal Aid of Northwest Texas's Collin County Attorney of the Year

Camille Borg, a dedicated advocate for equal access to justice, was recently bestowed with the esteemed Collin County Attorney of the Year Award 2023 by Legal Aid of Northwest Texas. The award ceremony, held at Plano's monthly volunteer clinic, saw Jan Kerney presenting the accolade to Borg in recognition of her outstanding commitment to serving the community.

Legal Aid of Northwest Texas is renowned for its mission to ensure equitable access to legal services for low-income individuals and families across North and West Texas. Through their tireless efforts, they offer vital civil legal assistance, fostering fairness and empowerment within underserved communities.

Borg's involvement with Legal Aid of Northwest Texas extends beyond mere volunteerism; it embodies a deeply ingrained dedication to justice and compassion. Regularly contributing her expertise to the organization's legal aid clinics and undertaking pro bono cases, Borg exemplifies the spirit of selflessness and service.

Last year alone, Borg and her team devoted a remarkable 168.5 hours to pro bono work, representing a significant commitment to supporting those in need within the community.

Collin County, Texas, where Borg practices law, benefits immensely from her passion for social justice. Her steadfast advocacy aligns seamlessly with the mission of Legal Aid of Northwest Texas, enriching the lives of countless individuals within the community.

As Legal Aid of Northwest Texas continues its noble mission, individuals like Camille Borg stand as beacons of hope and inspiration. Through her exemplary service and dedication, Borg exemplifies the profound impact that compassionate legal advocacy can have on society, uplifting those in need and championing the cause of justice for all.

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