What Do I Do if My Spouse Doesn’t Sign Divorce Papers?

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Navigating Divorce with an Uncooperative Spouse

If your spouse declines to sign the papers, the divorce becomes contested and will lead to a court case, making it imperative to recruit exceptional legal representation from an experienced attorney fluent in Texas Family Code and divorce procedures, like Camille Borg Law, PLLC.

Why Won’t They Sign the Divorce Papers?

Spouses may believe that their refusal to sign could effectively stop the divorce in its tracks, when in reality it simply complicates the process, but doesn’t end it. Spouses commonly refuse to sign because:

  • They will be financially hurt
  • They disagree on the decision to get divorced
  • They are in denial about the termination of the relationship

A conversation with your spouse can be lucrative if they are willing to hear you out, but when they refuse to discuss divorce at all, it won’t accomplish much. This is where our divorce attorney can step in and represent you in your contested divorce.

What Can I Do?

You can file for divorce in the appropriate court with jurisdiction over your relationship regardless of your spouse’s consent. Once you decide to get a divorce, our lawyer can help you determine whether you should file a fault-based or no-fault marriage. While you do not need to prove fault to get divorced, it may aid in achieving better property settlement terms, alimony arrangements, and more.

If your spouse does not respond once served with papers, we can file a motion for a default judgement. If your spouse fails to attend the scheduled hearing that follows, the judge can still proceed with the divorce.

Camille Borg Law, PLLC can help you through your divorce regardless of your spouse’s willingness to sign the papers. Reach out to our firm to get started.

Contact Camille Borg Law, PLLC for more information on how to proceed with your divorce.

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