How to Navigate International Child Custody Laws

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Before attempting to initiate any child custody proceedings, it would be in your best interest to consult with a skilled international family law attorney. There are many unique challenges to overcome while working with international laws, and an attorney with this type of experience will know exactly what you need to do to succeed with custody arrangements.

To initiate a custody court order:

  • If you are married, file for divorce from your spouse; or
  • If you are unmarried, file a petition for child support and custody which may require a paternity action.

To enforce custody orders you already have:

  • hire a family lawyer to show how the other parent violated the orders to have the other parent punished by the law with fines or jail time for contempt of court.

We Provide Counsel for International Custody Issues

International custody orders can be very complex because every country has specific laws and service requirements. Our attorneys analyze the facts of a given case to see where the lawsuit needs to be filed based on which court will have jurisdiction. Our attorney can help you throughout the entire process of obtaining a child custody order if the other parent lives in, or has recently moved to a foreign country.

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